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After taking more than a decade to focus his attention on his family, Todd Fernandez is ready to get back into the game. You can expect new original songs from the Louisiana rocker in 2020. He notes of his overall sound, “I like to push the genre lines but with sense...imagining a supernatural soul rock creeping out of the humid swamps of Louisiana.” That’s apparent when one listens to the lead singles; “Viciolicious” and “Broken Hearts Community.” Both out now, they are a great representation of not only who Fernandez is as an artist, but what he’s capable of as a songwriter.


Todd Fernandez got his start years ago when he was in college in 2000. He spent the following five years playing alongside his bandmates in Shortbus. Once the music-maker started a family, music had to take a backseat. Now Fernandez is back to it with a new single every month.


Those interested in adding new alternative music to their playlists, reviewing new music, or interviewing Todd Fernandez can reach out via myfriendtodd@gmail.com


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